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Hi my name is Rachael! Pronounced Rachel. I'm a loving LEO! Born July 28, 1978 - I'm 42 years old and live in a small town in New Jersey. I graduated high school in 1997. I create websites for a hobby. I love doing it. I also love Alfred Hitchcock presents and The twilight Zone. Two of my favorite shows. I'm a friendly person love to chat with new people. Not much really to write about. I don't want to go into what a look like. but I'm NOT tall and I'm NOT short. I'm medium height. Hehe. I hope to have more visitors come to my site. So I hope you all will enjoy your stay.

I constantly use Paint Shop Pro 8. It's a good art program. I also not that long ago download a copy of photoshop cs6 Extended. I love it. I missed using photo shop. But have it again!

Sealove is a FREE graphic site. I create backgrounds, icons & more! To find out the graphics you look under content. I'm trying new things every day. I had to get a new site name and delete gumdrops! The worse thing I had to do! Ugh! :( I know it sucks! But I didn't know how to get it back.

My host is hosted by the lovely Karmen @ sheisl0ved ! She really is a great host! I have no problems. And if you need help she contacts you right away. I'd look into her as having her as a host. She's great! Thanks again Karmen!! Your awesome!

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I have other sites too. Besides this one, lol! My many obsessions. LOL! My sites. Click the link to view my other websites I create. Thanks!

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If you wish to send me email. Please NO HATE mail! They won't even get read. Thanks! Email me @