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  • Facts....

  • FULL NAME:Rachael Lynne


    Hair color:black

    eye color:Brown


  • Hobbies, etc...

  • I love to draw! I like drawing cartoon characters. Like Mickey Mouse and Minnie mouse. Unfortunately I do NOT have any artwork to show you all right now. Maybe in the next week or so I'll try to draw them and then scan them. I havea scanner now. So I can do that for you all.

    I love creating websites and using my art programs. I have paint shop pro 8 and photo shop cs6. I downloaded them both from the web. I love making headers, etc. I'm NOT that good at it but I keep practicing, lol.

    I love listening to music. I love Taylor Swift. She's my fave singer. I also like Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Madanana Shania Twain, Trisha Yearwood, Carrie Underwood and so many others. The list goes on and on. lol!

    My fave color is purple. I like green and purple together, lol!

    I like making meat loaf for dinner. My fave meat in the world, lol. I like it with lots of ketchup. Try it it's yummy! LOL!

    I don't play much sports. I like bowling. Just for fun though. I'm not good at but I'm not bad either, lol. I get a strike or two. Haha.

  • The paranormal:

  • Yes this is big with me!! I love reading about ghosts, ufo's, etc. So if you have a ghost story you'd like to share. Please email me it to me. I will post it on my ghost website souls of spirits <-- My ghost website!

    That's all about me for now that I can think of. If you have a question please email me @ rachael2890@yahoo.com DO NOT ask me personal questions. They will NOT get a reply. Thanks for visiting sealove. Come back soon! Enjoy!

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